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Widely recognized for her experience with privacy and data security and privacy concerns in an age of data security breaches, identity theft, and Cybercrime, Cynthia “Cindy” Marcotte Stamer has worked extensively throughout her career with businesses to design, administer and defend effective strategies to manage privacy and data security related risks and use technology and other processes to manage people, performance and risk.

Recognized in the International Who’s Who of Professionals for her work as an attorney, consultant and author to a wide range of health care, technology, financial services, insurance and other business and governmental organizations, Cindy helps clients to develop and use legal and other strategies to manage legal, operational and other risks, to enhance business and operational effectiveness, to reengineer people, processes and culture, and meet other goals. As a key component of this involvement, Cindy has worked extensively on the design, development, operation and defense health, financial services and other information systems, technology and other systems and processes. She regularly advises businesses and their leaders about the risks and responsibilities under federal and state civil and criminal laws affecting their operations and the development and administration of technology and other strategies for managing these risks and mitigation of data and privacy breaches. She has assisted several businesses to investigate and redress legal and business liabilities and other concerns resulting from hacking, identity theft, data breach, theft of trade secrets, spoofing, industrial espionage, insider misuse of technology and other cybercrime and technology use concerns. She also has assisted health care, insurance, financial services, retail, hospitality and a broad range of other businesses to prevent, investigate, and redress privacy and data security breach and related liabilities under HIPAA, FACTA, data breach, privacy, tort, trade secret and other intellectual property, contract and other laws. She assists these and other clients to design and administer compliance and risk management programs to protect and defend their use and collection of sensitive data. She drafts and advises clients about privacy, security, confidentiality and data security, credit and other background checks, workplace and other investigations and surveillance, and other tools and practices to assist businesses to mitigate risks arising out of technology and data use and monitoring. She also represents clients before the Office of Civil Rights, FTC, attorneys general, and other federal and state agencies in relation to investigations and enforcement concerns relating to privacy, data security and breach and other cybercrime related matters.

Cindy also is a highly popular lecturer and widely published author on privacy, data security, and other matters. Her insights have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Business Insurance, the Dallas Morning News, Spencer Publications, and a host of other publications. Her “Personal Identity Theft Training Online Training Program For CIOs” has been included as part of the curriculum of the University of Dallas Information Management Graduate Program. Cindy also regularly publishes and speaks for a wide range of organizations including the American Bar Association, the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), Aspen Publishers, Spencer Publications, ISSA, HIMSS, the American Electronics Association (AEA), the Institute of Internal Auditors, Business Institutes and a multitude of others. She is the author of hundreds of other publications and workshops including “Privacy & Securities Standards-A Brief Nutshell,” “Privacy Invasions of Medical Care-An Emerging Perspective,” the E-Health Business and Transactional Law Chapter on Other Liability-Tort and Regulatory;” “Cybercrime and Identity Theft: Health Information Security Beyond HIPAA;” “Personal Identity Management Legal Demands and Technology Solutions;” “Tailoring A Records Management Plan And Process To Meet Your Legal And Operational Needs;” “Brokers & Insurers Identity Theft and Privacy Perils;” “HR’s Role In Personal Identity Theft & Cyber Crime Prevention;” “Protecting & Using Patient Data In Disease Management Opportunities, Liabilities And Prescriptions;” “Why Your Business Needs A Cybercrime Prevention and Compliance Program;” “Leveraging Your Enterprise Digital Identity Management Investments and Breaking though the Identity Management Buzz;” “When Your Employee’s Private Life Becomes Your Business;” “and hundreds of other works.

Cindy also applies her experience as a leader in numerous professional and civic organizations. She currently and previously has served as an advisory board member to a wide range of health information technology and data security incubators, and in a host of other leadership roles in various other professional, charitable and civil organizations. Cindy also has served as an Adjunct Faculty Member of the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management, on the editorial advisory boards of The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA), and a host of other editorial advisory boards and seminar faculties.

For more information about Cindy as your Solutions Lawyer, to conduct training for your organization, or for other information, you may call her at 469.767.8872 or see Cynthiastamer.com.

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