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Cynthia Marcotte Stamer has extensive experience advising and representing U.S. and international businesses and government about a diverse array of human resources, benefits, public policy, and operational issues.

For more than 20 years, Ms. Stamer extensively assisted U.S.-based businesses domestically and internationally to address employment, immigration and customs, employee benefit, foreign corrupt practices, U.S.A. Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy, technology transfer and control, privacy and data security, occupational injury, outsourcing and other operational, corporate compliance and internal controls challenges arising from expatriate employment, outsourcing, and other cross border services relationships. She also has assisted businesses based in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Latin America to address employment, immigration, tax, customs, employee benefit, occupational safety, licensure, and other operational and regulatory requirements and challenges arising from U.S. operations and their employees. Her international clients include health care, consulting, technology, manufacturing, insurance, energy, distributions, transportation, government, churches and other non-profit entities, export-import, and a diverse array of other industries.

In addition to assisting businesses and governments with cross border human resources and employee benefits concerns, Ms. Stamer also has extensive experience working with U.S. and international clients to develop health care, pension and other employee benefits, insurance and other financial services products and solutions. In 1995, she served as a lead legal advisor to the Government of Bolivia in connection with its Social Security and pension system reform. She also has provided advice on severance, labor, tax, immigration, transportation, ethics, health care, insurance, tax, and other proposed reforms in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and other regions. She also has provided advice to a wide range of clients regarding the development and administration of strategies to access health care internationally. She also has worked extensively with various domestic and international employers, insurance and financial services organizations and church and other non-profit organizations to develop and administer domestic, travel accident, expatriate and other health, pension and other benefit programs and products; medical tourism, international health care provider networks, international travel and accident insurance, and other related products; immigration processes, and other processes and practices to meet unique client needs.

For the past 20 years, Ms. Stamer also worked with a wide range U.S. based and non-U.S. businesses, trade groups, churches, and associations, and on cross border health care, employment, migration, transportation, ethics and corporate compliance and other legal, political and operational reforms. As a former member of the Dallas Council of World Affairs Executive Committee and the Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce, Ms. Stamer lead the organization and hosting government and business leaders on trade and policy missions from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. She also is an active member of the International Pension and Employee Benefits Lawyers Association and the SHRM Global Forum, who is Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Ms. Stamer also has extensive experience advising domestic and international businesses and governments about a diverse array of human resources, labor and employment, health care, employee benefit and worker’s compensation matters, including:

  • Advise and represent U.S.-based businesses about the design and administration of employment, employee benefit, worker's compensation, severance, tax, occupational safety, discipline and promotion, collective bargaining and other personnel practices for expatriate and other persons performing services outside the United States
  • Advise and represent foreign owned or operated businesses about design and administration of employment, employee benefit, worker's compensation, employment tax, occupational safety, discipline and promotion, collective bargaining, and other personnel practices for U.S. based employees;
  • Advise U.S. and foreign owned and operated business about background checks, credentialing, internal investigations and other related concerns involving employees, contractors, advisors, and others;
  • Draft, review, negotiate and advise businesses about cross-border and domestic employment, consulting, independent contractor, subcontractor, employee leasing and other staffing and vendor agreements;
  • Advise businesses about the design, documentation, administration and enforcement of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and other compliance programs and practices intended to minimize criminal or civil liability exposures or promote achievement of other business objectives through management of internal and external human resources and service resources, including experience conducting internal investigations and audits
  • Advise and assist businesses and foreign government about design, drafting, interpretation, implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations, with extensive experience regarding health care, education, insurance, employment, tax, unemployment, disability, and other similar laws
  • Assist businesses to design and implement workforce reengineering, reductions in force, and other staffing and personnel changes to minimize legal liability and achieve other business objectives
  • Represent and advise businesses, associations and government agencies before U.S. and foreign governments in connection with tax, employment, and other compliance matters, trade relationships and missions, public policy advocacy
  • Orchestrated advised businesses and trade associations about arrangement of meetings and introductions between U.S. and foreign governmental and businesses regarding specific business, trade and public policy matters
  • Assist businesses and trade associations to orchestrate and implement trade missions and other meetings and events to promote international to promote trade or specific

    Examples of some of her experience and involvements include:

  • Advised and assisted the Government of Bolivia regarding privatization and reform of its pension and social security system, including direct involvement in the drafting of proposed legislation
  • Advised U.S.-based businesses regarding severance pay obligations in Venezuela;
  • Advised and drafted agreements used by U.S.-based parent in electronics industry in connection with the engagement of foreign national to perform services for Hong-Kong based subsidiary
  • Advised and drafted employee leasing and subcontractor agreements relating to the performance of energy-industry services by Asian nationals on vessels and rigs in the North Sea and Pacific rim;
  • Advised and represented European, Asian, Australian, Latin American and Canadian based or owned-investors to conduct due diligence relating to personnel and staffing liabilities, risk management, and compliance in connection with establishment, acquisition and operation of U.S.-based business operations;
  • Assisted diverse range of U.S.-based business with design and administration of personnel and employee benefit practices for non-U.S. based employees, including drafting and revision of employment policies, practices and handbooks for expatriate and foreign nationals; design and documentation of employee benefit and fringe benefit programs for handbooks for expatriate and foreign nationals; integration U.S. and extra-territorial service of pension and other service-based benefits and employment privileges; obligations to comply with U.S. and foreign jurisdiction employment and other laws with respect to expatriate and foreign nationals, and diverse range of other issues;
  • Advised U.S. based businesses about implementation of managed care and other health care arrangements, life insurance and other special arrangements for expatriate and foreign nationals performing services oversees, including investigation, review and negotiation of contracts with vendors and service providers providing administration or insurance for such programs;
  • Advised European and Australian based insurance businesses about design of health, life, accident, disability, occupational injury, pension, liability and other insurance and financial services products for marketing to U.S. businesses
  • Advised to insurers, health care providers, employers, and church and other non-profit organizations about design and deployment of medical tourism, expatriate, medical travel, and other insurance and benefit arrangements;
  • Advised various U.S. and foreign businesses about workforce, ethics and corporate compliance, insurance and migration reform in U.S. and Latin America;
  • Advised U.S. businesses about data security and privacy in U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere; and
  • Advised businesses and government about health and disability impacts of cross border migration and cultural diversity on health, employment, and government program demands and costs and system reforms relating to same;
  • Advised employers, insurers and governments about tailoring of health, occupational safety and other programs to meet special needs of migrant workers;
  • Advised U.S. and foreign businesses about the applicability of U.S. employment, tax, Social Security and other laws to U.S. and foreign businesses working within and outside the U.S. and its territories;
  • Advised health care providers about immigration, licensing, and other regulatory requirements applicable to recruitment and hiring of foreign physicians, nurses and other health care personnel;
  • Advised insurers, others about design and licensure of Medicare Advantage and other insurance products to provide health care coverage for care provided outside the U.S.; and
  • Advised U.S. and foreign businesses about cross border payments in light Patriot Act and other U.S. customs and other laws.
  • Ms. Stamer also conducts training for businesses, governments, and other organizations and writes and speaks extensively and domestic and international employment, health care, benefits and insurance matters. She frequently is a featured speaker on cross-border human resources, employee benefit, health care, ethics and compliance and other regulatory and operational matters at international symposiums of the U.S-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations. Examples of these are available for review at:

Selected publications and presentations of Ms. Stamer are available at:
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